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Ways to Use ELDs to Increase Profits


Klass is in session. We are back with more tips and tricks to help you make your trucking business more efficient. 

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Your Ominitracs ELD can more easily be connected to your back-office, dispatchers, and more

The ELD mandate, which became mandatory at the end of 2017, was greeted by a chorus of resentment from across the country’s truck drivers. The flexibility that trucking had allowed for many drivers seemingly vanished overnight, leaving many unsure if they could support their families. …

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Macropoint Integration with Kamion Software

Kamion Software is a new generation truck management system. It allows its users to automate and integrate with almost every other software that has open API connectivity for true operation transparency and process automation. One example of that is our load tracking integration with …

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Key Data the ELD is Pulling and How it Affects Trucking Fleets

The ELD mandate requires that carriers and drivers move from using paper logs or logging software to a registered ELD. Companies using AOBRD’s will have two years to convert once the mandate goes into effect December 16 of this year.

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