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EDI integration for your fleet

As a carrier, you want to be able to become the coverage big shippers rely on but to even be considered they require you to be EDI capable. However, the cost of an EDI integration has been too expensive to consider for smaller carriers. 

Or, perhaps, you have a shipper that can send you tenders via email, but the process is tedious. You get the tender via email, then have to accept via email, and then copy and paste the load into your system before dispatching it to the driver. This takes a lot of time and management from your dispatchers. 

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the automation between two systems that allows a connection with the purpose of exchanging data electronically and documents without the need to use fax, email, or mail. Instead of taking time to manually enter data with every shipment or tender, an EDI automates the process based on parameters put into the system. 

Tender Portal

If you move a lot of freight for a customer you may want to opt to have an EDI integration with that customer. This allows for a smoother tender process. Similarly, many shippers and brokers only want to work with a carrier if they are EDI capable. However, with a high price tag, many cannot afford to implement this technology. Most truck management systems don’t provide this service so carriers have to pay an external party $5,000-20,000 for implementation and sometimes even have to pay the customer’s TMS a fee. This is on top of already paying for a truck management system.



Kamion Offers Low-Cost EDI Service and Integration for Carriers

Kamion is now offering a low-cost EDI service for carriers like you, enabling you to finally have the access you need to compete with larger carriers! With the EDI integration with our cloud-based truck management system, you can easily review all your tenders in one place with a timer count-down that lets you know when the tender will expire. This empowers you to act fast and secure more loads for your team. 

You can accept or reject tenders with the click of a button. Once accepted, your load is automatically loaded into Kamion’s “loads” where you can dispatch the load to the driver. This seamless integration takes the disorganized and complicated process of tender requests and streamlines it making it more efficient.

Click below to learn more about becoming EDI Capable through Kamion. 

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