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Macropoint Integration with Kamion Software

Kamion Software is a new generation truck management system. It allows its users to automate and integrate with almost every other software that has open API connectivity for true operation transparency and process automation. One example of that is our load tracking integration with Macropoint.

Most of the drivers are not happy when they receive a text message for load tracking. At the same time, the customer is not happy when it does not know where is the freight. Unnecessary friction arises between the 3pl carrier rep and the trucking dispatcher. There are never-ending questions "Where is the truck?", "Why doesn't the driver want to accept Macropoint?", "Why do you want to charge me $100 for not accepting Macropoint?", etc.

Kamion Software solves for that by integrating directly with Macropoint. The system already integrates with the ELD and the Trailer location providers of the trucking company. Kamion matches that data with each load and customer and sends the updates to Macropoint.

As a result, the trucking company customer is happy for the constant updates directly in their system. The driver is not upset that someone will track his or her cell phone. We reduce the friction between the "bad drivers" - "bad brokers", and the industry can return to blame the traffic and the "damn four-wheelers who forgot how to drive when it rains" for any load delays.


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