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Ways to Use ELDs to Increase Profits

Klass is in session. We are back with more tips and tricks to help you make your trucking business more efficient. 

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Recently Kamion hosted a webinar with the CEO of Trucking Wins Online Coaching and Consulting, John Seidl, to discuss mandatory ELDs and how they can be used to work for you. Many think that the use of ELDs is redundant or time-consuming, but when done properly, they can be used to increase productivity, drive profits, and reduce overhead.

An ELD, or Electronic Logging Device, is used to track the location of a truck, hours of service, and, with more sophisticated ELD technology, much more. Starting in 2016 when the devices first became mandated, not everyone was using them and far fewer were using them to the fullest capabilities. While they may be a requirement to run your trucking business, they are also a powerful tool that can be used to help accelerate business. 


In this webinar, participants learned more than just five ways you can increase profits from the utilization of an ELD. These magnificent devices can be used in so many ways to make your business more efficient and up to code. From importing training videos into your ELD to using your ELD to reduce insurance rates, this webinar touches on something for everyone. 

ELDs and Insurance

One of the many ways for truckers to save overhead costs is through insurance. Users are able to send their ELD data to insurance companies in order to secure a better rate. This is done by the insurance company reviewing the driver history through the ELD data. This helps paint the most accurate picture for them allowing you the most accurate rate.

ELDs and Split Sleeper

Understand how using an ELD with a split sleeper can help you stay on top of your break times and stay on schedule. In a typical load, it would be a 10-hour break then a 30-minute break, but with a split sleeper, you can split up your breaks to make the drive more efficient. By keeping track of all this in the ELD, you are still following protocol. Limiting these long breaks can help ensure shipments are delivered on time. 

ELDs and Integrations

With Kamion’s ELD integrations, users have more capabilities at their fingertips. With the combination of ELDs and fuel cards, carriers can now have more access to information. By combining this data inside Kamion, carriers are able to further understand the fuel efficiency of their fleet. When you improve fuel efficiency, not only are you saving money on fuel, but also improving the wear and tear of your fleet because drivers aren’t driving as aggressively. In addition to understanding the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, Kamion users can generate accurate, instant IFTA reporting. 

Track the locations of your fleet and understand when there are delays. With the ability for fleets to share real-time tracking links of their shipments with an estimated time of arrival, never be in the dark again. 

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