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Iffy on IFTA? Get Free, Instant Reporting Before The Q3 Filing Deadline

It’s September, are you prepared to file your IFTA next month? If this question makes you cringe, create an account, connect your ELD, upload a fuel statement, and instantly generate an IFTA report. We’re offering our IFTA solution free of charge in Q3 if you create a Kamion account b …

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Stop Switching Between Multiple Load Boards By Switching On Our DAT Integration

The technology revolution has created an insatiable consumer appetite for convenience. Whether it’s the all-inclusive resort, shopping at Walmart and The Home Depot, or your iPhone 12, people now expect to have everything they want and need at their fingertips.

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Tracking In A Nutshell: It’s A Hard One To Crack

We live in a world where customers check their FedEx and Amazon tracking numbers incessantly and monitor their GrubHub and DoorDash food deliveries in real-time. If these services exist for consumers and in such high demand, why is it so difficult to replicate them in the Full Trucklo …

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Macropoint Integration with Kamion Software

Kamion Software is a new generation truck management system. It allows its users to automate and integrate with almost every other software that has open API connectivity for true operation transparency and process automation. One example of that is our load tracking integration with …

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How complicated is load planning?

It is a shame that in 2019 load planing is still done for the most part by people. The process is quite complicated and ripe for being "digitalized", but it is hard to let go. While in 2017 the trucking industry finally installed ELD devices on most of the trucks, companies are not da …

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