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Track fuel spend without spending time figuring out how with fuel provider integrations

The need to track fuel spend and miles is imperative to the success of your business. Spending time figuring this out should not be. 

IFTA is just around the corner, which means time to start generating those reports to get money back. Are you manually calculating all of your fuel spend for individual or groups of trucks? You know you're wasting valuable time and potential accuracy, and time is money and inaccuracy can lead to fines, audits, or worse: revocation of trucking authority.

You can accurately track spend and miles all in one place by connecting the existing technology your business leverages to run your operations. Fuel cards allow you to track when, where, and how much fuel is bought and your ELD allows you to see where that fuel is used. The combination of the two accurately generate IFTA reports.

You can calculate IFTA per truck or for a group of trucks

This combination is dependent on bringing the right integrations into a single place. Kamion accepts transaction reports from fuel card providers. It matches each transaction to a driver, which makes the payroll process fast and more accurate. The fuel is matched with the miles of the trucks, for accurate IFTA reporting. 

We are rapidly expanding our fuel card integration provider partners. You can start today if you have:

  • EFS/FleetOne/WEX
  • Multiservice
  • Pilot Flying J

The result? You'll get a consistent file format, be able to report fuel expense by truck and driver, splitting fuel transactions between company drivers and owner operators, and match fuel expenses with drivers and deducting the amounts from their statements

In short, get more money back, save more time, and have the peace of mind knowing that your IFTA reports will be accurate and on time for when the quarter ends. 

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