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Trade in your Paper Stacks for a Tech Stack: Sync your Invoices with Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a square peg in a round hole if you're a carrier; it simply wasn’t built with you in mind. Quickbooks–and off-the-shelf solutions like it–are great for general bookkeeping, but don't consider the specific operational nuances of trucking invoices or payroll.

One customer we recently spoke to told us that it “takes an entire day to input all the information necessary into Quickbooks.” When there is freight abound, days should be spent dispatching and when the market tightens, days should be spent finding the right freight. The market will go up and down, but one thing remains true–your time is better spent on tasks other than bookkeeping.

The challenge is rooted in lack of communication between where carriers do their bookkeeping and Quickbooks. If you're tracking accounts by hand, you have to then manually input what you’ve recorded into the software, doubling your time and effort. If you are invoicing in a TMS you may be able to pull your revenues into Quickbooks automatically, but–with so many specific expenses to keep track of– accounting solutions have difficulty making sense of what is what. 

Even if you have found a workaround to the above, if you are a small carrier you don’t have the resources to do day-to-day-accounting that the tool really requires to function at its best. For many, as a result, what was supposed to be a time saving software solution is now actually a time added pain.

We believe that you should have everything you need to scale your fleet in one place. Kamion integrates directly with Quickbooks, allowing you to avoid any manual entry of invoices from Kamion into Quickbooks.


And we’ve mapped our income boxes and the chart of accounts to what exists within Quickbooks so:

  • Updates to Kamion invoices are automatically reflected 
  • All revenue tracked in Kamion is properly associated with each account 
  • Invoice data automatically matches in Quickbooks with one click
  • The transactions are recorded instantaneously, saving time and money


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