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Stop logging in and out and start saving time. Introducing Multi-MC Management.

Americans have a password problem and carriers might have it the worst. Research shows that the average American has 100 passwords. In fact, that same survey showed Americans had an average of 70-80 passwords just a year before. How many passwords do you have? If you’re a carrier or dispatcher you may be thinking: “only 100?” Their password problems aren’t exclusive to the privacy of their own home; they have a whole set of new ones waiting for them when they get to the office.

Some of our customers offer sourced services like dispatching, safety, or accounting to multiple small carriers or owner-operators. Others manage their own fleets under more than one entity. An MC number, for example, does not cover an operator in the same way as a USDOT number that allows you to operate in or outside of any state. This means that most–if not all–of our carriers lose valuable time and gain grey hair logging in and out of accounts.

Google allows users to easily toggle between multiple Gmail addresses and YouTube accounts, and Netflix does the same between profiles. Carrier solutions, however, still tie operators to their MC number, forcing them to log out and back in several times every day to run their businesses, which is both annoying and unproductive. Now you can use the same functionality that helps with your personal password problems for your professional ones:

A look at how to toggle between carrier spaces with the QuickSwitch feature

Kamion allows you to quickly switch between all "carrier spaces" you have permission to operate. These permissions are not one size fits all to take into account that you might have different responsibilities for each MC. Permissions are scoped by the carrier, which means that the same person can be a full admin in one organization, but only have access to dispatching features in another, fluidly switching between them at their convenience.

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About Kamion

We are logistics lifers obsessed with making carrier lives easier through technology. We give small and mid-sized fleets access to an Intelligent Trucking Platform so they can make sense and actually use their own data to improve operations. This means easy planning, zero-effort tracking, stress-free dispatching, no more safety headaches, and dedicated Carrier Consultants to guide you along the way. For more information, please visit: