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Kamion Truck Management System consolidates top load boards all in one place

Kamion, a truck management system that empowers small and medium-sized motor carriers to operate more profitably, announces the launch of its consolidated freight view, powered by integrations with prominent load boards and broker boards. The integrations enable dispatchers and fleet managers to seamlessly find and book loads from multiple load boards all in one place.

Loadsmart, a leading freight technology company, recently announced the acquisition of Kamion to help carriers increase efficiency and profitability by reducing empty miles and enabling better, more informed decision-making. Kamion’s consolidated load board is a prime example of how Kamion’s capacity insights coupled with the Loadsmart platform give customers unprecedented transparency for the optimization of freight. 

The consolidated load board aggregates loads from premier networks like Loadsmart, C.H. Robinson, and DAT, with more integrations slated to come in 2022. Kamion’s platform provides carriers with real-time visibility into their available capacity by tracking the location of equipment and drivers’ hours of service. Combining those capabilities with the newly integrated freight networks in the Kamion system, carriers of all sizes can search for and select the right loads for their fleet.

“Kamion’s consolidated load board is a first of its kind, combining some of the largest and most dynamic freight brokerages and load boards into one simple solution,” said Zach Fredericks, group product manager at Kamion. “The simplified load search process makes dispatchers' jobs easier and allows carriers to operate with more agility.”

All Loadsmart loads available in Kamion will have a fixed 8% margin and complete rate transparency, meaning carriers will see exactly how much shippers are paying on every Loadsmart load. 

“We believe that to solve the deep-rooted inefficiencies in logistics, we must work to re-establish trust and mutual respect between freight brokers and motor carriers,” Giovanni Battistella, VP of Product at Loadsmart said. “Providing transparency into the rates and margins of Loadsmart opportunities within Kamion is a first step to achieving that goal. But it’s just the first step — and it’s one of many we plan to take to address supply chain inefficiencies and rebuild a more sustainable transportation network, particularly for the small- and medium-sized carriers that are so vital to domestic trucking.”

In the multi-load board feature in Kamion’s fleet management dashboard no load board or brokerage is favored over another. Carriers see every load that fits the search criteria they select, as well as the broker offering the load, the gross rate, and other relevant load details. 

For desired loads from digital brokerages, dispatchers simply click the “Book Now” button, and the load is automatically populated in the Loads section of the Kamion portal. With a click of a button, dispatchers can quickly dispatch the load to their drivers via SMS text message, or email — with no information inputted manually by dispatchers.

The aggregated load board functionality is available now to all carriers using the Kamion platform. Other brokers and load boards will be integrated into the system in the coming months.

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