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6 Reasons Trucking Companies Need a Management System

Trucking management software (TMS) has made significant improvements in the trucking industry. Among its many benefits, real-time tracking has led to faster transportation, greater cargo security and better customer service. As a result, increasingly more trucking companies have taken steps to integrate this technology into their operations.

Fleet management plays an integral role in transportation. Balancing maintenance schedules, drive times and recordkeeping, any unforeseen contingencies can result in a loss of time and money.

Because of this, trucking companies are turning to TMS with route planning, driving behavior monitoring and maintenance tracking capabilities. In today’s blog, we’ll be explaining why it’s important to invest in real-time tracking and the many benefits it offers trucking companies.

While it’s helpful to put processes on autopilot, it’s more effective to bring TMS into the mix. It helps you monitor your fleet from a bird’s eye view and implement strategies to reduce unnecessary fuel and maintenance expenses. Having real-time tracking available at your fingertips also allows you deep-dive into driving activity, shedding light on any speeding or idling scenarios.


1. Location Tracking

One of the most notable perks of TMS that trucking companies love is the ability to report the location of their goods to customers while in transit. This creates an air of transparency, providing assurance by mapping the progress of their delivery in real-time. This creates an industry reputation built on reliability and trust.


2. Load Scheduling

TMS also strengthens the alliance between truck drivers and the dispatch team. With real-time tracking, dispatchers have the ability to map out the best routes for faster trips (minimizing late deliveries). It also makes it easier to identify the location of the cargo and its expected arrival.


3. Vehicle Maintenance

Every vehicle requires maintenance in its lifetime and a fleet is no different. From flat tires to battery replacements, special diagnostics can help you track maintenance needs before they cause a stall in your operation. You can sync these appointments via text or email to create reminders for reoccurring maintenance procedures like oil changes.


4. Driver Safety & Performance

Drivers are the backbone of transportation and their safety is a priority. TMS can help gauge employee safety by monitoring their driving behaviors on the road. The most advanced systems are even capable of providing speed information. Not only does this help fleet owners determine truck drivers who are driving improperly, but also helps reduce fuel costs due to speeding.


5. Employee Management

For fleet managers, minimizing overtime is a great way to ensure efficiency while saving unnecessary costs. With better communication with the dispatch team and smarter route planning, drivers can eliminate hours of overtime week. With TMS, you have the ability to run timesheets and see where a driver was located at any given time of the transit. You also have the ability to manage payroll and drivers’ statements.


6. Efficiency at Every Turn

It can take an overwhelming amount of manpower to track and manage mileage reports. However, with real-time tracking, trucking companies can receive stats directly from the vehicle. TMS can also help companies determine the best trucks to purchase based on the routes they frequent and freight they transport. This is largely possible by monitoring the driver’s behavior, comparing it with the terrain and vehicle maintenance history.


In Summary

TMS helps trucking companies optimize and streamline processes, better serve drivers and ensure high levels of customer service. The proper planning helps you complete more deliveries per day. Real-time tracking also helps you accurate update customers on expected arrivals or delays.

If you’re not using real-time tracking, you may fall behind your competition. To learn how the Kamion platform can help increase the efficiency of your fleet, click below to request a free live demo now.

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